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Nina Bentzon-Ehlers is a top professional spiritual astrologer and brilliant  transpersonal psychologist that hits you right on the mark – her eye is razor sharp and in a gentle and empathic way she leads you to meet your deeper self – your soul. 

In the course of many years I have encountered a number of experts and teachers – great spiritual personalities, but Nina Bentzon-Ehlers possesses a skill and precision I have never met and seen in others. Ninas huge insight, life experience and heart is a gift – it is my opinion that she has developed world class tools, that I hope as many people as possible will be able to experience and use. 

-Merete Noergaard

Voice Coach
Shakespeare-trained Master of Theater & Voice Coaching



Nina has my most heartfelt recommendations… She is a gentle, very present being with a deep analytical power bearing testimony of highly developed empathic skills and many years of experience.

A turbulent, unexpected breakup of a longtime relationship, getting fired from my job and  the ensuing financial chaos left me in chock and with absolutely no direction in life. I was recommended contacting Nina by a dear friend and I had huge expectations… needed a quick fix. In just one session Nina picked me up and gave me direction. Nina provided me with a clear image of myself, my values, my strengths and weaknesses… communicated in such a gentle and loving manner that it made sense in an almost terrifying way.  Nina gave me stability and courage to face the future and I continue to work with the ideas and insights, she presented me with.

– Kenneth Paaske-Møller, 45 år

Intern coordinator



If you need a new perspective on yourself and your life, I recommend a session with Nina. We very easily get stuck in mental patterns and habitual ways of doing things – a new view can be very welcome. Nina has such “new eyes”.

She looks at you from a spiritual angle – the journey of your soul. This was what Nina did for me one day. She looked at the journey of my soul and lifted me up to seeing my life in a new way – the long evolving lines, the overall perspectives and the deep psychological patterns behind my ”destiny”. It was such a relief, so liberating and rejuvenating to be looked at through these lenses. When I left Nina, I had a clear intuitive sense of where I was going and what I needed to do. I felt back on track!

– Gitte Joergensen

Journalist, coach and author of Simple Living and Pippi Power


310325_10150353855839890_2022901754_nNina is an inevitable part of my life journey. She is a very unique, loving and competent person. I seek her out when I need to navigate through chaos or put the ducks of my life purpose in row. It is always a heart opening and mind-expanding experience. It is much more than astrology and guidance. It is the key to your innermost being, she passes on. I recommend her to anyone who strives to live a profoundly meaningful life.


– Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

Author og founder of


My meeting with Nina became a meeting with my soul. Using my birth chart and profound spiritual insight she put up a mirror enabling me to see and honour my soul for the very first time.

Suddenly I was able to perceive difficult life events and heart breaking experiences in a new light and even old pain made sense. My session with Nina was transformative for my personal growth, and I continue to ask Nina to be my guide in developing my awareness. My experience is that my growth takes quantum leaps in cooperation with her, which suits my temper just fine.

Ninas brilliant powers of communication and her intuitive listenings skills spiced with her wonderful sense of humour make every visit in the consultation a special, beautiful and very uplifting experience.

– Pia Glavind

Inspirational Speaker & Peaceful Warrior


Nina delivers practical advice that works. Our conversations start at the level of current tendencies in the birth chart and a spiritual dimension seen from the perspective of the soul. From here we address practical day-to-day issues in my life. Nina ties these dimensions together in a surprisingly meaningful way. She has served as my cheerful guide and kept me on track of the personal transformation I have gone through in recent years.

– Lars Fogh, Attorney at Law, 53 years


I contacted Nina at a time in my life when I needed inspiration and motivation to make some important choices for the future. I also needed to shed light on which positive qualities I could develop further and which one I should be more critical about.

I have only positive things to say about Nina – I have the deepest respect for her work as an astrologer. Nina sees the whole individual and brings a spiritual dimension into her work that is definitely unique.  For her it is not ”business as usual”, but a calling she cares for with the most profound respect and love for other people, while at the same time having an extraordinary professional depth.

Apart from her work as an astrologer and coach she is an extremely interesting person that makes a huge impression on people that comes across her path.

My warmest recommendations. They are undoubtedly well deserved.

– Pernille Jespersen


Nina works extremely expertly in her field – with openness, huge knowledge, life experience and an always positive energy that is contagious.

It is a very special thing to be able to be provided with this much insight into oneself and guidance at such a high level!

I have had sessions on my birth chart and multiple weather reports. All of the times it has been a very positive and enriching experience!

I felt initially so surprised learning about my birth chart when Nina referred to a lot of things about me she just could not have known about beforehand! That convinced me that what she can do is so unique and amazing. Every time she reads my weather report I´ve been thinking to myself – well, is this really accurate, let´s see… it is into the distant future after all. And I forget about it living my life and suddenly you find yourself in a situation thinking: Wooow…. She was right! It was in my stars! Just amazing.

I have benefited so much from my sessions with Nina. Things are fallen into place, I have understanding at a higher level, peace.

I will continue to use spiritual astrology for life guidance.

– Cecilie