Get to know your partner:

A chart comparison can be a revelation in a love relationship.

Astrology cannot tell us who to fall in love with or who to be with, but it can tell us who we are and who the other person is. We get a tool to understand the significant other and our patterns in relationship as well as the specific dynamic between us.

Love is the profound wish to support the growth of another person, on his or her own terms. Erich Fromm.

As souls we come together for all sorts of reasons. All of them are an opportunity to grow. At the level of the soul, our consciousness strives to become whole and well-integrated. Love relationships truly demonstrate the mystery of life.

In some relationships we encounter unpleasant lessons that help us overcome fear and develop personal strength and boundaries. In other relationships we experience pleasant lessons – we support each other in growing to our fullest potential. The latter is of course the ultimate romantic dream. And this is part of the problem – our inner factory of dreams and expectations. When there´s a fire in the heart, you get smoke in your eyes. This smoke is called projection. You project on the other what you need yourself to become whole.

A chart comparison can wake you up and enable you to see your partner as he or she really is. This is the foundation of a true relationship. We have to become self-aware and also be able to see life from the perspective of our partner.

Your charts will reveal how your energies interplay and interact:

  • What is your love language – and what is your partners love language?
  • What are the specific needs for each of you? Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  • What psychological patterns do you trigger in each other?
  • What is the spiritual purpose of the relationship?
  • What are your strengths together and how can you help each other grow?