Half a truth creates a whole lot of confusion

Some time ago a client came to see me who was unusually eager to have her chart read. A lovely young woman born in the sign of Pisces. She barely had time to sit down before she heatedly blurted out how concerned she was about what I had to say. Prior to our session she had looked up her sign online and a friend had pointed out an Ascendant in the sensitive sign of Cancer.

I nodded approvingly but a little puzzled. Her expressive eyes went moist and she explained: ”I´ve never felt like a dreamy introvert Pisces – and now I seem to have some hypersensitive Ascendant that I also can´t relate to! Nothing fits! Either there´s something wrong with me or my chart is way off!”
Then I got it. She felt frustration at a deeper, existential level and it was touching upon her identity as a person. No small matter. My thirty years of conversations with thousands of people, personal life experience and studies of wisdom traditions from around the globe has led me to a crucial realization. We as human beings have a profound existential need to feel seen, understood and reflected with precision. A need so deeply rooted that it seems to exist beyond the psychological level and closer to something we express in religious or mystical terms. The term salvation.

As human beings we often find ourselves in a state of inner conflict. The stream of thoughts races full speed with worries for the future, self doubt or self aggrandizement. A foolish inner room mate who like a drunken monkey gets it wrong most of the time!  Still, we keep on listening. To thoughts born of fear often absorbed from parents, passed down through generations at a subconscious level.

The chatter of the mind is in no way a true reflection of our talents, inner qualities and value to other people.

It may lead us into to depression, anxiety, stress, narcissism, compulsive behavior and other inner disturbances. We become addicted to food, control, validation from other people, drugs, gambling. In our relationships huge fights may break out when someone misunderstands our motives or misinterprets our words or actions. We feel lonely and out of tune with ourselves when others do not see who we are.

It is like listening to a terrible performance of a symphony. The musicians have a hangover, are dozing off or haven´t practiced – there´s no music to the music, no harmonious beauty. Dissonance instead of resonance. False, not true. No unity in the verse. Interestingly, in Western culture there are 12 fundamental energy types in astrology and 12 notes in the system of music. And even though there are 3 base colours, these can also be displayed in a system of 12.

The languages of the world have beautiful clues. In English another word for illness is “dis-ease”. It refers directly to a disharmonious state where one is out of resonance or frequency. Reversely – health is to be ”at ease” – to be in a state of relaxed harmony, in tune with something. With what, you may ask? A most interesting and important question.

Language again: one meaning of the word salvation is “liberation from ignorance or illusion”.

In Danish the common word for self development is “disentanglement”. We grow and develop by disentangling ourselves from something. The life force or light of the soul is already present, our job is to remove the shadows or blocks. Like a sculptor removing pieces of stone to reveal the art form. In the spoken language of Jesus, Aramaic, the biblical term ”sin” means ”to miss the target” or ”that which is spiritually ineffective”. In Buddhism and in some accounts of near death experiences the universal life force or God is called ”AUM eller OM”. If you say the word ”home” slowly, you almost can´t help saying the sound aum.

When we hit the target with precision, we´re home. When in tune with our inner being, tension leaves the body and our cells return to their optimal condition of harmonious function. Another clue to self realisation is the concept of ”atonement”. At-one-ment. No moral judgment, just you in unity with the universe or the created in harmony with the Creator.  Jesus again: My Father and I are one. We are saved when we´re liberated from the illusionary chatter of the drunken monkey and vibrate in unity with the uni-verse.

The state of inner conflict is also dissolved for a moment when someone sees and understands us at a deeper level. Through the loving presence of another we sense our own authentic energy, essence or soul.  Our specific vibration. We feel joy. Something resonates harmoniously with something inside us.

This is why I love psychological and spiritual astrology. Because the chart is a precise reflection of the beautiful multidimensional composition of vibrant energy in motion that is in every human being, in every living thing. People are often deeply moved and relieved to hear their qualities and challenges described with precision. Some may even feel – loved. ”In this moment I am seen. What I perceive to be me, my inner self, exists, is real!”
It doesn´t always happen but when everything comes together beautifully in a session, a client may experience a moment of blissful grace. “Right now I´m disentangled – from the web of illusionary self doubt and meaninglessness. A person I´ve never met before is able to see the being I am, what means most to me and what I have come into this life to do and learn.”

When another human being sees us with precision we are lead home.

From this point the voyage starts or continues towards removing the blocks and shadows, and put what is learnt into practice. Dilligently with many stumbles and repetions along the way. We constantly fall asleep and the drunken monkey chatters on.

The Archer

My client was frustrated because she had an incomplete picture of her chart – a half truth that deepened her inner state of separation and conflict. Fortunately we were immediately able to correct the crooked and incomplete perception. Our sensitive Pisces had the Moon in the wild and fiery, fearless sign of the Archer. In abundance her chart showed the warrior planet of Mars on top her soft Cancer Ascendant and displayed initiative and zest. Instead of what the client believed to be an overly sensitive og fuzzy Pisces-Cancer, a valiant amazon queen emerged – ready to ride into battle for higher justice and vision! We merged all the various parts of her advanced personality and made her able to see how the sensitive Pisces energy could balance out the wild Sagittarius and refine her possibilities and means of expression in her life. Not torn in different directions or in huge polarized shifts between the different needs and facets but as a collected whole – use your Pisces sensitivity together with your Sagittarius battle force – then people will come along and you obtain what you aim for. The Archer accurately hits her mark. When I had finished an hour later she joyously exclaimed: This is exactly me!

When we´re fully connected with our essence or soul, we are in that moment a super conductor. There´s no resistance on the electrical current . Self doubt is like a block on the electricity.

The world is currently packed with half truths driven by our common dream factory – the internet and social media. We´re being led deeper into illusion and away from ourselves, not home. In these times of paralyzing amounts of information from foggy sources it may be a good idea to stand still. If something interests you, go deeper. Read and listen to competent professionals and even better – put yourself out there in the real world in personal meetings. In buddhism fx you can only become a teacher through oral tradition and personal tutoring.
Only experience becomes genuine insight. Otherwise it is just information.

If you work with therapists and healers, it may serve you to notice their state of presence. The energy in which they work. A warm, competent energy suggests that they themselves are connected to their inner source. The dynamics between you is also important. For many of us it is part of the journey to find the right helpers, don´t give up!