Values and ethics:



  • I am not the expert on your life. You have inner wisdom, and together we can create a nurturing and enlightening field of awareness. My intention is to open a space where you can grow and express yourself joyfully, creatively, and with love.
  • All information and work we do together is confidential.
  • I will refer you to other counsellors or therapists if my professional tools do not provide what you need.
  • Severe mental disorders are not within my capacity.



  • All living beings are part of one field of consciousness. We have an obligation to become aware of this field, and nurture it with our thoughts and actions.
  • In my opinion, the meaning of life is to develop awareness and a joyful expression of the Self, to create and to love, intimately connected with our inner Source and other living beings.
  • All questions concerning ourselves and our lives can be answered by looking within.  Sometimes we may need help in perceiving or trusting the answers. As Albert Einstein said: a problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created.
  • Cycles of change and growth are the natural order of creation. Stagnation is a disorder created only by human beings.
  • Miracles are the divine order of creation. Both humans and nature make miraculous leaps and transformations all the time.
  • Nothing is so bad, that it is not still good for something. (Danish proverb)