Ninas story:

Nina Bentzon began her education in spiritual and psychological astrology through private tutoring, at the Danish Institute of Astrology and The Astrologer´s Association, UK. Working with a variety of Danish and international teachers she has taken courses in counselling, depth psychology, mindfulness, meditation and various disciplines of astrology. Nina specializes in relationship astrology (synastry), evolutionary and esoteric branches of astrology.

Nina is the author of three books and has translated a number of holistic books from English to Danish. She is the founder of Nina Bentzon Astrology in 1987 providing individual sessions, diploma courses and workshops for groups in Denmark and abroad.  Nina has a Bachelor’s degree in law. She lives by the sea in Denmark north of Elsinore, and is a mother of three sons.


“My interest in astrology awoke when I was 14 years old. Through observation I made the discovery that my family seemed to be an astrological phenomenon. My parents were almost astrological twins and 75% of my family members were born in one of the three air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. This number statistically should have been around 25 %. The huge amount of synchronicities in my family, not only by sign but also similar life events and patterns, blew randomness out of the water. For the next several years astrology was just a fun hobby.

As a 20-year old woman I went through a difficult phase in life struggling with an eating disorder and a painful love relationship.

One day, out of the blue, I met a professional astrologer at my work place who volunteered to do my chart. What he had to say changed everything. He saw into my soul and all I aspired to become in life. He knew me better in those moments than any of my family ever did, myself included. It was like being struck by lightning and opened a portal to a profoundly new world of understanding. He became my personal tutor in astrology. Shortly after, as a law student, I went to work for a human rights lawyer in Alberta employed by the Cree Indian Nation where I was introduced to Native Indian spiritual philosophy. The beauty and depth of this philosophy and my newly discovered talent in astrology prompted a quantum leap from law into spirituality and transpersonal psychology. In 1987 I opened my private counselling practice as a psychological and spiritual astrologer, as well as teaching and writing books.

Around this time my husband and I wanting to start a family, began trying to conceive a child. But no child came for six long, despairing years. We decided to try to cure this condition by way of spiritual and holistic tools instead of medical procedures. We succeeded beyond our expectations. Tragically, our firstborn daughter died during birth, but three wonderful sons followed in quick succession in a matter of 2 years.

This process has rooted in me a complete certainty of the existence of a spiritual dimension from which we originate as souls. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, not the other way around.
When people express the viewpoint that spirituality seems intangible and foggy, my answer is that spirituality has produced the most tangible and concrete results of my life: miraculous children, loving relationships, an ever inspiring job, beautiful places to live and an ever deepening connection to the oneness of life.

This realization is the profound foundation of my work: We must aspire to connect with our souls in order to achieve positive results in the practical world, as well as inner peace, joy and vitality.

Since 1987 I have attended numerous workshops and courses in my field of expertise (listed in my CV). I also feel a social commitment to work for a sustainable planet and a shift in paradigm within the law towards mediation and healing practices. Called “restorative justice” as opposed to the current system of retributive law. I support the 17 UN World Goals and volunteer in a start up project for the Goals.

Because of the extraordinary help we received in connection with the loss of our daughter, I co-founded an organisation in 2010 helping families cope with the untimely loss of a parent or sibling both practically and emotionally.  “Life Line in Grief.”