Get to know your child or teenager::

The energy structure, needs, challenges, talents and potential of your child are shown in the birth chart.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of your child or children.  This understanding will enable you to become a good “gardener” for them, nurturing and supporting them in their growth.
  • Get tools to be a calm, assertive parent, providing care and healthy boundaries.
  • Children are as different from each other as grownups, only smaller. They each need to be treated and nurtured differently.

It’s normal for parents to feel some guilt and inadequacy in the parenting role. This will change when you gain a deeper understanding of what kind of child you have, its psychological patterns and maybe even the spiritual path of this particular soul. You will also be provided with counselling on how to best support and guide them in life.  A banana palm tree must be nurtured and cared for differently than an oak.

Also, it can be liberating to hear a description of what is happening in the relation between you and your child. The mutual chemistry or play of energies between you. It is called synastry – the astrology of relationships.

Spiritual astrology points to a deeper meaning hiding behind parents having specific children. As if the universe provides us with an opportunity to learn certain lessons through our children. And the other way around. Children shine a light on our blind spots, and both parties are presented with an opportunity to become more whole and integrated as individuals.

Understanding your children and treating them wisely rewards itself many times over.

Severe tension or break-ups between grown children and parents due to lack of understanding or willingness to learn, can for both parties be a life-long tragedy. Parenting is an assignment, and as all assignments, evaluation will eventually take place. (To quote my uncle, a college head master: “As soon as you have a child, a court case starts”.

The more aware you are, the better a job of succeeding with the assignment. When the day of evaluation arrives, you will be ready to listen and not shut down the communication.