Your astrological weather report can help seeing possibilities and challenges:

The weather report or current celestial movements will answer the question of where to focus and how to interact most favorably with the shifting energies and phases of your life.


The report provides a guide to optimally focus your energy toward achieving your goals, presently and 2 years ahead. When you start to become aware of your life direction, it puts you at an advantage because you understand the processes you find yourself engaged with.

You may consider starting a business and would like to know the best time to get started. Or you consider a job change or enrolling in a new education, but are unsure of what is the better choice and when. Maybe you find yourself in a life crisis and would like to know how to handle it most constructively or get an idea of when the pain will subside.

In principle, you may ask any kind of question to an astrologer. The result is not that you will be told what to do, instead you´ll get a clear idea of where you are going and how to get there. You will be able to envision new goals and clear paths ahead.


What about free will?

We have a free will and use it when we are aware and awake. Otherwise it is our sub-consciousness that runs the show, the autopilot of the brain.

Here are some facts about our brain:

Our conscious awareness and will is seated in the frontal lope of our brain. This takes up approximately 5 % of the brain. The rest, 95%, execute bodily functions and emotional reactions from childhood.  The entangled thoughts and emotions produced by our subconscious mind are on repeat mode. The same thoughts are reproduced over and over. As with all biological organisms it is a way of conserving energy. This habitual mechanism is good for the vital systems of the body, for tying shoe laces and driving a car, not so much for spiritual growth. From the point of spirit, the body creates inertia.

The conscious part of the brain can handle 40 units of data pr. second.

The subconsious 40 million units of data pr. second.

The conscious part of the brain produces an electrical current of 40 volts. The sub-conscious 40.000 volts. (Source: The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton.)

What we need to do in order to profit from this system of the brain is to train our sub-conscious mind to execute our conscious wishes and intent. Negative thoughts and emotions based on fear can be altered to positive – when we are aware of having a choice. Most of the time, we don’t. It takes practise. Then thoughts of self respect and natural self esteem can replace thoughts of inferiority and inadequacy. Depressive thinking is replaced by positive self-expression and joy. Anxiety becomes peace.


Nina Bentzon-Ehlers is a top professional spiritual astrologer and brilliant  transpersonal psychologist that hits you right on the mark – her eye is razor sharp and in a gentle and empathic way she leads you to meet your deeper self – your soul. 

In the course of many years I have encountered a number of experts and teachers – great spiritual personalities, but Nina Bentzon-Ehlers possesses a skill and precision I have never met and seen in others. Ninas huge insight, life experience and heart is a gift – it is my opinion that she has developed world class tools, that I hope as many people as possible will be able to experience and use. 

-Merete Noergaard

Voice Coach
Shakespeare-trained Master of Theater & Voice Coaching