There is much more to you than you can imagine

Most of us access only a small part of our brain capacity.
This is also true for our human and creative potential.


Modern psychological astrology is a path to personal transformation, intuitive awareness and positive results in a practical world. The birth chart is a multi-dimensional map of your unique inner landscape. It shows your over-all potential and energy structure – your personal qualities, talents and psychological patterns. It illuminates your defense mechanisms and your true or authentic self. Over the past several decades the timeless wisdom of astrology has been integrated with Jungian depth psychology and is today one of the most powerful systems for personal growth.
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Transpersonal psychology is based on the perception that humans are spiritual beings part of an interlocking, universal field of consciousness. Exploring the contents of your conscious mind through spiritual practice and mindfulness will enable you to stay focused in the present and connect with your intuitive knowledge and creative power. I can provide you with tools and guidance.

Coaching is based on your personal birth chart and will kick-start your growth towards achieving clarity, inner balance and joyful living. Together we will develop your goals and create an action plan with practical steps. We’ll work on creating joy in your personal relationships and a good work-life balance. Coaching based on the birth chart saves time and increases effectiveness.

 “My meeting with Nina became the meeting with my soul. Through my birth chart and deep spiritual insight, Nina put up a mirror so that for the first time in my life I could see and honor my soul.”

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