Workshop 2:

Train you intuition – a 3-hour workshop with Nina Bentzon


Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.

The success of a message largely depends on your own inner state as a messenger.

In life, we sometimes pick up on a deeper inner knowledge that highly qualifies and informs the activity or situation in which we find ourselves. It appears spontaneously and is not a process of thinking. We call it gut feeling, having a hunch, inner knowing or just intuition.

Intuition means “tuition from within”. But how do we access this higher faculty and how do we train and refine it?

In this three-hour workshop we focus on clarity in understanding and practical application:

  1. What is intuition?
  2. What are the characteristics?
  3. How do we gain access?
  4. Are there different kinds?
  5. How do we distinguish from other states of consciousness?
  6. Results?

Nina has been a professional astrologer since 1987 and is the author of three books. As a young woman she experienced a spiritual awakening with remarkable results – most importantly the healing of long time infertility.  These events transformed her understanding of the importance of spiritual intuition in life and professional work and the transcendent dimensions of existence.

Her teaching is based on 30 years of research and studying the works of A. A. Bailey, Liz Greene, Brady, Schulman, Spiller, Arroyo, Oken and Forrest with inspiration from Eastern philosphy, near death research and the cosmology of Hicks/Abraham, Steiner, Martinus, Roberts/Seth among others.

Nina Bentzon-Ehlers is the founder and teacher of Nina Bentzon-Ehlers Astrology and Mindlight Institute, Denmark, that provides courses in psychological astrology and transpersonal psychology.