Get to know your astrological chart:

The birth chart is a unique, multi-dimensional map of your inner landscape. It shows your over-all potential and energy structure – your personal qualities, talents and psychological patterns. Your defense mechanisms and your true or authentic self.


My main objective is to describe your potential and direct you to possible avenues of self-realisation and harmonious relationships with others. We will pinpoint the psychological patterns that may block or restrict your self-expression and come up with ideas to dissolve and transform them. My approach is positive and exploring – you are the captain of the ship in accordance with your self-authority and free will.

My intention is to open doors, not close them.

For me, an astrological birth chart is like a sheet of universal cosmic notes. When I see the notes, I hear the unique song of every soul and see the wondrous multi-dimensional energy structure that is every being. I see the cathedral of the soul. There is much more to you than you can ever imagine.


What will you take home from your first session?

I will provide you with a clear overview of your energy structure – personal qualities, talents and inner resources. You will receive:

  • A new understanding of your psychological patterns and spiritual lessons.
  • Assistance in unlocking your personal potential and pursuing your spiritual life purpose.
  • A perspective to help see yourself as the radiant being which is your true nature, start appreciating and eventually loving it. Here is where real transformation starts.
  • Tools to live in connection with your inner voice and higher intuition. In-tuition means ”tuition from with-in” and can be trained.
  • An astrological mini-weather report a year ahead.


What will you not take home?

  • Fixed predictions that get you stuck.


What is it all about? – why are we all here?

Research in near death experiences and epigenetics points to the existence of each of us being a field of consciousness with life beyond or transcendent our physical bodies. (See Ninas Book Shelf) We may have lived many lives on earth and have a special purpose in every incarnation. The astrological birth chart provides information about this dimension in general terms. If you so wish, we can include this field in our session.



163045_1708568146401_4230967_nIf you need a new perspective on yourself and your life, I recommend a session with Nina. We very easily get stuck in mental patterns and habitual ways of doing things – a new view can be very welcome. Nina has such “new eyes”.

She looks at you from a spiritual angle – the journey of your soul. This was what Nina did for me one day. She looked at the journey of my soul and lifted me up to seeing my life in a new way – the long evolving lines, the overall perspectives and the deep psychological patterns behind my ”destiny”. It was such a relief, so liberating and rejuvenating to be looked at through these lenses. When I left Nina, I had a clear intuitive sense of where I was going and what I needed to do. I felt back on track!

– Gitte Joergensen

Journalist, coach and author of Simple Living and Pippi Power


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