Reach your goals:

Coaching for a shorter period of time is a great way to obtain a clearly defined goal: it could be a new job, a happier marriage or better parenting skills.


When you are becoming aware of the qualities and challenges shown in your birth chart, you have insight in your over-all potential and what can be done to materialise it. You are also aware of the obstacles that prevent you from spreading your wings to fly. Coaching is advanced flying practise and spiritual fitness.

Together we set up a plan based on your wishes, and I support you in taking concrete steps in the direction we agree on. Baby steps or huge leaps of faith.

Our common knowledge of your birth chart and current astrological aspects work as background information that provides a clearer vision for the path ahead, and where the pit falls are located. Specific circumstances where you are inclined to brake suddenly out of fear like a horse afraid to walk past a plastic bag on the road. Knowing the birth chart beforehand saves time and enhances efficiency. Very simply, we have a map.


Time frame:

In my experience, efficient work requires a commitment of 3-6 months with sessions once or twice a month. A profound transformation of mindset and psychological patterns takes longer – 1,5-2 years. Let us start and find out what is needed. You can stop at any time.

Clients in coaching are invited to phone calls, if there´s an immediate crisis.