Heal your life:

A longer period of coaching can be a healing path out of a deep crisis like divorce, loss of a loved one, burnt out syndrome or disease. Or help healing destructive patterns like milder forms of substance abuse, dependancy behaviour, depression, anxiety or eating disorder.


Going through a crisis or bringing unconstructive patterns up into the light to be looked at and healed can be a lot of work. You may fall back to your old ways over and over, unless you have an experienced companion along the way. Someone who knows and reflects your own deeper truth, and helps you grow into the light of that truth.

My job is to be such a companion and anchor the process of finding your true voice and path in life, while also helping you to communicate in a real and authentic manner. The current astrological aspects will show us where we are in the process, and what would be the most constructive approach in every phase.


Time frame:

In my experience, efficient work requires a commitment of 3-6 months with sessions once or twice a month. A profound transformation of mindset and psychological patterns takes longer – 1,5-2 years. Let us start and find out what is needed. You can stop at any time.

Clients in coaching are invited to phone calls, if there´s an immediate crisis.