From my workshop:

My work as an astrologer is multi-layered and multi-coloured. It is always interesting and enriching.


My clients come from all walks of life. There is suffering, doubt and anxiety – and there is light, joy and valuable qualities in all layers of society.

We experience life from within, from a point within our consciousness. Darkness and pain can be very present in an upper class family where the family fortune has taken everyone hostage, or in a family of academics where mental performance is placed before love and caring.

It is the presence of soft values that determines your happiness in life: the way you relate and interact with other people, working in a job that is fulfilling, and adhering to your personal values.


Here are some case stories:

For clients getting to know their birth chart, it may serve as a joyful validation of their life choices or perhaps as a resounding alarm clock in some areas of their lives. Often both. They understand their potential and coping strategies.  This insight enhances their determination in realizing their potential while at the same time expanding their awareness of life in more general terms. Astrology often acts as a catalyst in the process of self-development and in transforming life view.


An awakening lioness:

When 60-year-old Kirsten came for her first session with me, she described a life of hopeless despair. Her early home life was fraught with fear and anxiety as her father never missed a chance to demean and verbally abuse his children. Her parents did not acknowledge her talents and abilities, and she married soon after she left school. She had two children in quick succession, and her husband became as abusive as her father. He died, and she remarried, had two more children – again an abusive relationship.

While the children were growing up, she tried to commit suicide multiple times. Her oldest daughter interfered and succeeded in stopping her suicide attempts, but she stayed on antidepressants and in the unhappy marriage.

When this daughter was 30 years old, she and her three children were involved in a serious car accident. She had multiple fractures, but miraculously she and her children survived.

During the car accident she had a powerful out-of-body experience. Suddenly she was aware of standing by the roadside, calmly but empathically watching her body and her injured children, and knowing that they would all survive.

This event changed her perspective to being an invulnerable and luminous spirit, and among other things, she felt empowered to convince her mother that she could change her life if she wanted to.

Soon after Kirsten came to see me. I told her of the beautiful potential I saw in her chart dominated by Leo and a busy 12th house. Of her warmth and generosity, her talent for children and creativity, but also her profound need to live in accordance with her deep religious feelings.
Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she whispered, almost inaudible: “I would really like to attend church on Sundays, but he won´t let me.”

“Who he? I said with a gentle smile. God? “

”No – him, at home, my husband”, Kirsten answered.“Oh, I replied, and he is more powerful than God?”

And then something happened in her. She straightened up in her chair. “No, he isn’t”, she replied, a new strength in her voice. “No, of course, he is NOT.”

The conversation changed direction, and from then on I noticed the proud and fiery Leo qualities sparkling in her eyes. She came alive, talking with enthusiasm and interest.

The counselling session went on with her considering leaving her abusive marriage. I suggested that she start building  a new network based on mutual interests that would also allow expressing her generous and playful nature. Travel, maybe, study and go to workshops.

Three months later, the daughter called. I was eager to hear news of her mother. Overjoyed, she described how her mother had risen up to become a full size Lioness and immediately had gone home to ask for a divorce. She then had gone to see a lawyer, bought herself a new apartment and was now on her way to Capri for holiday.

Seven months later, I had another session with Kirsten. She hugged me affectionately and told me that every time she dropped into a dark hole of fear and doubt, she would listen to the recording of our first session and feel her power renew. Kirsten is still in a good place, having fun and several friends, a first for her, travelling and leading an interesting life. There are still moments of darkness, as for us all, but she feels that at long last she has started truly living – with a delay of 60 years.


Living with HIV:

Peter sought me out trying to deal with HIV turning into AIDS. He had a history of chronic depression that several sessions with a psychologist had not shifted. A few years earlier there had been a messy divorce, and ongoing challenges with his ex-wife and children. He was working for a large international company on an executive level, but had been on sick leave for a few months.

Peter felt that he was living in darkness and had no vision of the way ahead.

Peter’s chart was dominated by Sagittarius and showed a highly intelligent man with a philosopher´s soul and interest in life and existence. I pointed out that maybe he could put his considerable intelligence into use by studying the rich sources of knowledge found in mankind on existentialism and spirituality. From Eastern philosophy like Tibetan buddhism to Christianity and on to theosophy and mysticism.

I told him of the scientific research of the effects of meditation, visualization and deep relaxation that demonstrates a profound effect on the immune system. Apart from showing a path to inner peace and intuitive guidance as has been my own experience. I suggested that he start observing the movements of energy in his own life: Exploring which people, activities and situations that enhanced his vital energy and which ones reduced it. I encouraged him to start meditation to provide his mind and body with deep healing relaxation at least once a day.

Peter’s expression brightened and he went on to explain that he actually had a meditative practice some years ago, but had stopped. For a long while we discussed the things he wanted to change in his life, and he immediately started reflecting on who and what provided energy in his life or the opposite.

When Peter left, he seemed happier, more energized. The next day, he responded to our session in an email telling that he had gone straight home setting up a place to meditate in his home. Courage and hope had come back for the first time in years.

Six months later I ran into his sister who told me that Peter had spent his holiday trekking hundreds of miles in the Alps of Austria. He had returned to his job, moved to a new house and designed it beautifully. The illness had gone into remission.

5 years later I got a new client – Peter’s new wife. They have two little children and a happy life. He has left the corporate world and is now working with human rights.


The Pearl:

Another of my clients has taught me a very important lesson that I never forget and observe in people´s lives every day.

This is Annie´s story:

Annie is a tall and imposing woman in her forties who came to see me for guidance in some crucial life choices. Her birth chart was quite unusual, showing an upbringing in an almost military atmosphere of discipline and restriction in expressing emotions.

I asked Annie if it was correct that the family had a kind of gag order in communicating feelings. I´ll never forget the look she gave me when she went on to explain that her father had been a high ranking officer in the army, strictly controlling everyone, as well as dictating the topics of conversation  allowed.

Expressing emotions was totally out of the question. This created a suffocating and negative atmosphere in the home, alienating each member of the family from each other – and each individual from their own inner emotional life.

She went on to describe that as a young woman she had to throw herself into a violent liberation process freeing herself from the rigid regime of the father. This battle led her to studying psychology as an intentional reaction to the heavy gag order of her upbringing.

As a psychologist she now specializes in victims of torture and incest.

She explains: “No one puts a gag order on themselves like these victims. Because of my upbringing, I know what it is like to feel that you can´t talk about what has happened to you.”

I have been told that she is a highly capable and respected pioneer in her field of expertise. Her results in relieving the suffering of these victims are excellent.

Annies story led me to an important and profoundly new insight into life:

The challenges you meet as a child through difficult circumstances can be transformed into constructive use of precisely the pain that the challenge was about. Painful experience can be used for the development of constructive knowledge.

One of my teachers once said: Pain in early life is like the grain of sand that irritates and provokes the oyster to produce a pearl. What is your pearl?

We get what we need in life to grow as much as possible. As Danish cosmologer Martinus says: “In life, only pleasant or unpleasant benefits exist. Everything that happens to us is designed in the best possible way to further our spiritual growth as human beings.”


The horse whisperer and the dog whisperer:

To illustrate this, an amazing book is written by the man who founded the new way of treating horses with empathy and care, called horse whispering. Monty Roberts describes in his autobiography The Man Who Listens to Horses his upbringing with an abusive father who violently beat up everyone around him, including the horses of the family’s riding school. When the son witnessed his father killing a man, he vowed to find a different way of treating people and horses. He did, and his vast life work has revolutionized the treatment of horses throughout the world.

Dog whisperer Cesar Milan has not had a difficult upbringing, but a loving grandfather who taught him everything there is to know of the language of animals. A language we all share: The language of energy.  Cesar Milan demonstrates one dog at a time how every living being reacts to the energy we send out into the world. With a dog, it runs straight down the leash. Animals do not have a judging mind. They just respond, and through them we can learn becoming aware of the energy we transmit.

Cesar Milan is also a shining example of a masculine, kind, yet powerful man truly in touch with his feelings in the most positive way. Most Western men would benefit from watching this immigrant Mexican. That´s how it’s done!

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