CV for Nina Bentzon-Ehlers:

Born February 11th 1962, Aarhus, Denmark.
Early years in Risskov, father dr. med. in physiology, mother writer and artist.
Professional astrologer/writer since 1987. Bachelor at Law.


  • 2017: Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School, Exeter College, Oxford. Lectures in synastry, predictive methods, female goddesses and evolutionary astrology. Tutors:  Gloria Roca, Darby Costello, Melanie Reinhart, M. Lutin, Carole Taylor.


  • 2017: Workshop, tutor Lynn Bell, Centre for Psychological Astrology. “Breaking the Spell”.


  • 2015 -: Founder/teacher of Mindlight Institute, diploma courses in psychological astrology and transpersonal psychology.


  • 2014: Book publication Meet Your Soul, Historia Publishing Company. New editions of The Stars in You and Into the Chart, Historia.


  • 2012: Mindfulness workshop/Rasmus Hougaard, Potential Project. Weekend seminar on epigenetics, Bruce Lipton.


  • 2010-12: Co-founder and vice president of NGO charity  ”Lifeline in Grief”. Helping families cope with sudden loss of parents or siblings.


  • 2008: Astrology World Conference, Denver, USA. Focus on astrological counseling & evolutionary astrology/Steven Forrest.


  • 2006-: Monthly professional supervision with psychologist Gilly Gall, Hellebaek/Tel Aviv. Co-founder at Omnitherapy.
  • 2006 –:  Workshops in Copenhagen, Hornbaek and Aarhus on counseling and transpersonal psychology: meditation, esoteric astrology, theosophy and cosmology.


  • Censor at Waldorf Michael School, 12. grade exams.


  • 2005-6: Editor/translator, Ph.D project on restorative justice by Thomas Bentzon-Ehlers.


  • 2004-: Quarterly news letters and blog articles at


  • 2004: Book translation into Danish: Love and Survival by heart surgeon Dean Ornish, Aschehoug. Exploring the effects of love and community on health and survival. Publication on my initiative.
  • 2003: Book translation on near-death experience: Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley, Sphinx. Publication on my initiative.


  • 1993-99: Maternity leave.  Mother of four children. Firstborn daughter dies at birth 1994. Then 3 boys,  1996 and 1998, twins.


  • 1993: Book publication: Into the Chart, Forum Publishers.


  • 1990: Editor at Strubes Publishing Company, translations of books by Louise Hay.


  • 1990: Summer School, Faculty of Astrological Studies, Oxford. Refining interpretation and counselling skills.


  • 1989: Book Publication: The Stars in You, Forum.


  • 1989: Book translation: Måneknudebogen by Donna Van Toen, Strubes.


  • 1988: Book translation: The Eighth House by Marc Robertson, Strubes.


  • 1987-94: Inner therapy work. Courses and individual sessions in self development and transpersonal psychology. Among others bodynamic/ art therapist  Annett Birch and counselling at The Astrologers´ Association i 1992.


  • 1987-: Professional astrologer and founder of Nina Bentzon-Ehlers Astrology. Individual charts, counselling, presentations, workshops, astrology courses and groups, radio, TV, articles, books and other publications.


  • 1985: Volunteer work with Cree Indian Human Rights lawyer in Alberta, Canada. Speech writer for UN Working Group for Indigenous Peoples. Assistant lawyer with the Cree Indian Council of Chiefs.


  • 1984: Diploma in Human Rights Law, Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg.


  • 1982-87: Bachelor at law, University of Aarhus. Courses in astrology at Institute of Astrology, Aarhus. Private tutoring with astrologer John Erik Wold og numerologist/astrologer Norman Shine.


  • 1979-84: Volunteer work with Consumer Rights Organisation, Aarhus. Member of the National Board of Consumers 1980-82. Campaigns for better agricultural practices in meat production and healthy food production.


  • 1980: Graduation from college, SAT in languages and socio-politics, Risskov Amtsgymnasium.